After the implant

After the implant - Richard Carpenter

Yesterday I took half of day off from work and headed to my dentist’s office. I rushed because I was scheduled for a dental implant. I was a bit worried, given that it was my first. I guess I had every right to be worried. Did I forget to mention my tolerance to pain was close to none?

While I was waiting I overheard some patients talking about a private mortgage Montreal.

During the surgery I felt no pain. I was just annoyed by the fact that it lasted almost two hours. Yes, I did had a bone graft done as well!

Once everything was done, and I was still under the effect of the anesthesia, I was alright. I was able to talk. The dentist gave me a piece of paper containing all the instructions I had to follow during the following days. He went through them, one by one and explained to me what I had to do.

In the end, he added that my jaw will start to get swollen, and that it may stay this way up to seventy two hours. He mentioned that discoloration was also a common thing and that I should not worry in case I would notice my skin changing colors.

Right before I left his office, he gave me a prescription with all the medication I needed to take: anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, painkillers and probiotics. He insisted that I should not take more than four painkillers per day.

I took a cab and went straight home. I felt like I did not have the energy to go buy my meds. Thus when I got home, I asked my wife to go take my pills. I needed to lay down a bit, as the my jaw started to hurt and the anesthesia was wearing off. By the time she came back from Pharmaprix, I had already taken the painkiller provided by my dentist in his office. 

When she saw me she seemed shocked. She said that I had a square face. She looked at me once more, than added that my jaw got swollen. She ran towards the kitchen to look for an ice pack. A minute later she came back and handed me some ice wrapped in a towel, to put on my jaw. 

I had to refuse her because I remembered that my dentist asked me not to put ice. He had explained that there were doctors who recommended the use of ice, and doctors who didn’t. He was part of the latter. According to him the jaw would get swollen but it would heal faster without the ice.