A bad accident

A bad accident - Richard Carpenter

Oh boy! I had quite a day today! It started with my wife waking up at 4 AM and leaving to the airport in order to catch her flight to Chicago. First, when she tried to wake me up, she accidentally hit my face with her elbow, causing my nose to bleed for about ten minutes or so. That was only the beginning!

When I went downstairs to help her with her suitcases, I slipped and fell on a tiny marble that my son had played with. Needless to say, I landed straight on back and messed up my spine. (I guess I will have to go see my chiropractor on a weekly basis from now on.) I am incredibly lucky I did not hit my head or break any bones. That would have been the last thing I needed.

My poor wife was terrified when she saw me landing on the floor, unable to move for a few moments. Her taxi was waiting outside the door, while she was trying to help me get up. She had to ask the driver to come inside and pick up her suitcase. Before leaving I reminded her to tip him a bit more for carrying her bag all the way to the car.

Despite the pain caused by the fall, I had to convince her that I was fine, which I wasn`t. She was actually thinking of cancelling her trip and stay home with me. I had to tell her it was nothing and force myself to walk normally, to have her leave the house.

I don't know how normally that looked, but she believed me. I did not want her to miss the chance of meeting her entire family. One of her cousins was getting married and her relatives from all over the world were attending the wedding. She had to be there, given that she hadn`t seen some of them for more than twenty years or so. I did not want to be the one preventing her from being there.

Thus I was left home as the main caregiver with my older daughter and my toddler son. Since I was not able to move freely, I decided to call my mother and ask her to come over in order to give me a hand with the kids. She was more than happy to help. She adores the children and loves spending time with them.

When she arrived two hours later, I was on the phone with my telephony provider trois rivieres. She gave me a big hug and went upstairs to say “Hi!” to the kids. They were thrilled that she had come. Probably because of all the goodies that she would bake for them.