Difficulties of searching for information on the internet

Difficulties of searching for information on the internet - Richard Carpenter

I find internet a very useful tool for many things. For example, if I need some information, it is easy to get it online. I remember how I used to search for some data when I needed it for some school works twenty years ago. I had to visit the library, find the right book and then search for the information inside. It is not that it was hard but today is way much easier and convenient.

I work in a law firm and my main job is to research different information that can be handy in some case. It can be anything, like a bus schedule, weather conditions on a certain day, or the exact date and place that some concert happened. My job is to get that information and deliver it to a lawyer who needs it. I like my job very much. It is interesting and demanding.

When internet started, it became much easier. Sometimes I needed some more time to find some information, but there is practically no information I can not find there. All I need is some basic knowledge about how the internet works. One of the most important things I find useful are SEO-optimized articles.

When I search for some information, I use search engines. Those are special programs that search through internet looking for information I ask them to. It usually works, well, but some people do not optimize their articles, and then I have problems. You see, if your article or blog is not optimized, it will end far from the first page of my search. So, instead of finding relevant information I need, first search results will give me some similar information, but not necessarily the info I am looking for.

In that case, I spend more time and energy to find the right page, and I don't like that. The fact is there is nothing I could do. Sometimes I change my search settings a little bit, and sometimes it works. Still, it is very frustrating when you spend few hours to find some data you should locate in few minutes; and all of that because someone did it wrong when they optimized their article for search engines.

I even wrote an email to some pages when I was frustrated about some information. I do not know what they thought about me, since no one answered, but I hope they considered it and took care that their pages be more SEO Montreal friendly in the future.