Finding the Right Company to Host Your Website

Finding the Right Company to Host Your Website - Richard Carpenter

A few months ago, I invented really cool kind of candles that I wanted to sell. I had four prototypes that I originally designed and, to be honest, it was just for fun at first, but a bunch of my friends wanted them. It seemed that everyone wanted one of these candles. They looked so cool and lasted a really long time.

Soon, friends, the family of my friends and family, were calling me asking if they could purchase these themselves. The crazy thing is that they all asked me the same things, “Do you have a website we could order from?” I didn’t, but I learned that I could build one fairly easily using some of the website design tools that many are using today.

It took me a few weeks to really get the hang of it, but I finally came up with a really cool design and the site was filled with my products. It was the best thing. I was loving it.

Everything was going really well for me, but I made one tragic mistake. I decided to use the company that I had purchased my domain from to also host my site. In fact, they offered it at a really low monthly price to me since I got my domain name from them. This sounded like a great deal, and so I went for it. Big mistake!!

In a few months, my candles were a huge hit and lots of people were taking a look at my site. It was not long after that my site crashed. There was way too much volume for the resources they allocated me and so I was down. No one told me about this!

I had no idea what to do about this so I contacted some IT companies, which are specialized in marketing internet, to see what they could do for me. Yes, I could have hired some company online, but I had learned my lesson. I did not want some faceless company I didn’t know. I wanted to go and see someone when I had issues.

After doing some research on IT companies, I found a company that would not only provide me great web hosting to fit my needs at a great price, but they would protect my site. This was so perfect, and I was glad to work with them. I have not had an issue since and now I have a great business going. By the way…Do you want to buy a candle?