I Love Formula One

I Love Formula One - Richard Carpenter

I absolutely adore Formula One. I just can’t get enough of the competition, the technical wizardry that goes into the making of the cars and the skills of the guys that are driving them. Put it all together in a big melting pot and make sure that there are enough vehicle restraint systems in place to protect the drivers and you have the perfect recipe for the greatest sport on television today.

The vehicle restraint systems in particular are much more important than anybody really gives them credit for. It’s a slightly odd thing to focus on I grant you, especially when there are modern miracles of engineering flying round the track at hundreds of miles per hour, but I think some recognition needs to be given to the people who work so hard on ensuring that the cars don’t go hurtling off the tracks and into the spectators or something as well.

I never realised that so much work goes into the creation of vehicle restraint systems either. I always just assumed that as long as you had a barrier in the way then the job was done, but apparently they are specially built to ensure the vehicle sustains as little damage as possible during the course of the collision. Granted it’s not always going to work, especially if the car is going at crazy high speeds, but I’d be willing to bet that they have saved more than a couple of lives over the course of the sport’s history.

Getting away from vehicle restraint systems for a little while, as I said it’s a bit of an odd subject to focus on, let’s get back to the racing. I can’t wait for the season to start up again. In fact, I find that I always seem to fall into something of a slump whenever the racing is over for the season and I never seem to quite come out of it until I hear the first revs of an engine that signify the start of the next season.

Granted I keep up with what the teams are doing when they aren’t racing. The work that goes into the development of the new cars is probably just as important as the work that goes into the racing itself. After all, there is a reason why they have a team trophy in addition to the racer’s trophy and those guys and girls deserve just as much recognition.