It’s a small world!

It’s a small world! - Richard Carpenter

Couple of years ago, when we moved into this condo, we were in love with the view. From the living room's window we were able to see the downtown and bit of the Lachine Canal. It wasn't as pricey as the other condos in the area. Plus we were fascinated by its view. So after a second visit, we took a twenty-five years mortgage, and became the first owners of this condo.

Little we knew about all the condo fees that needed to be paid, or the rights of condo owners. We were happy that we had our own place, with a killer view. Since we both worked downtown, it took us only ten minutes to get to work, instead of an hour.

Some of the days, or mostly always we won’t even drive to work. We would either walk or cycle. During winter we would take the bus, but even then I liked to walk. It is not a big distance, and if you are properly equipped, it’s quite delightful.

When we moved in, only a few condos were sold. The rest were still for sale. Within our first year here, all the other units got sold, and we got new neighbours. Noisy neighbours. Loud neighbours. Young neighbours who would party until late in the night and smoke weed each night on their balconies.

In the beginning, for almost half a year, it was quite. We slept like angels, without being disturbed by anything. Then, when the neighbours above moved in, the tam-tam started.

Two months after they came, they forgot their tub's faucet on and completely flooded our washroom. We had water coming down through the ceiling. Imagine my surprise when I went to the washroom in the middle of the night, and I stepped into water. When I turned on the light, I couldn't believe my eyes the state of my washroom.

I ran upstairs, knocked on their door, and asked them to turn off their faucet. By the look of his stoned face, he was as shocked as me to see that he had left the faucet on. Thanks to him or his wife, whoever was responsible for this incident, I had to move out for almost a week, in order to have the washroom fixed.

The condo's board had hired a renovation company that was also doing mold removal Montreal. I knew the company because they had been the ones who renovated our work office as well. It happened that two of their workers, which I remembered, there were now fixing my condo. It’s a small world, right?