Mom’s sickness

When I left my hometown in 1997, I did not see my move as a such big thing. In my mind, I always saw myself going to a bigger city, in order to get a better paid job. I have heard people saying that bigger cities had better career opportunities. 

My parents encouraged me to leave my hometown because they wanted me to see my dreams come true. Back then, I was so eager to leave that I did not stop, not even for a second to think what my departure actually meant for them. I was so self-concerned that I could not imagine that my leaving would ever impact or have any sort of effect on someone else’s life. 

Once I left, I never returned for many many years. I preferred having my parents coming over. All because I wanted to show them and share with them the recent small wealth I have acquired and the benefits of my work. 

Each time I called them over, they came. Although I volunteered to pay for their tickets, they never accepted it. Whenever they came to the city, they never mentioned any of their problems. I can’t understand why they decided to keep me in the dark regarding their health and their problems. 

Anyway, when I learnt that my mom had cancer, she was already in a terminal stage. There was nothing that I could have done for her, except for being there. Can you imagine that I found out about her condition form one of my high-school classmates? When I met him during his commercial moving montreal break, he tried to comfort me. Obviously, I acted like an idiot, because I had no idea what he was talking about. 

When he realized than I was unaware of my mother’s illness, he felt terrible. First because he had to break the news to me, and that type of news was shocking. Secondly, because he felt guilty toward me and my mom, as if he was breaking a promise or something like that. I was so mad when I heard it that I left the room without uttering a single word. 

I headed to my car and I drove eight hours straight to my hometown, just to find my poor mother on her dying bed. She did not die that day. She passed away two weeks later. 

While I was driving towards them, I kept on trying to figure it out why they had never mentioned anything about it to me. Seeing how much my mom changed, the toll cancer took on her, made me drop all my questions and simply be there for her on her last days.