A real bad new

A real bad new - Richard Carpenter

While I was waiting for a canal treatment Boisbriand, I got an email from my spouse. I opened it and to my surprise, I saw that it was not addressed to me. It was meant to reach someone else, not me. Destiny made it land on my hands.

I must have read it couple of times to get a proper understanding of what she was saying and to whom she was writing.

What a lame way to find out that your wife is having an affair with someone else, right under your nose!

As I was reading the email, I felt my head exploding and my veins swelling and pounding on my temples. My frustrations and anger made it hard for me to calm down. I started to breath faster without being able to control my breathing. I was huffing and puffing like a mad dog while holding the phone in my hands.

The receptionist noticed I was not feeling well and she came closer to me, asking if I needed help or if I wanted a cup of water. I was not able to utter a sound. I nodded my head as a yes. Then I saw her disappearing shortly after. A few seconds later she was back with a box of tissues and the water she had promised.

I took the glass out of her hands, drank it all and gave it back to her. I grabbed a tissue from the box and wiped my face. That’s when I noticed that I was drenched in sweat. Until that moment I did not feel it.  She left the box of tissues next to me and said that the dentist will be seeing me within a few minutes. She added that he had finished working with the previous patient and that he is getting ready to see me.

At that point I was convinced that nothing that he would do to me, would take away the massive headache I was fighting of. He appeared in the reception and invited me to a small room on the left of the corridor. He mumbled something that I wasn't able to understand.
I simply laid down on the bed and let him do his work. One hour later, I was a different man, with a different mindset, despite the bad news regarding my wife. The dentist did wonders with my toothache.