Renovating the patio

Renovating the patio - Richard Carpenter

Well, we’ve finally managed it. After about three years of saving money wherever we could my wife and I are finally able to carry out some renovation work on the house and the plan is to start with the patio. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the patio as I love to just sit outside and while the hours away after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, the old patio was starting to show signs of aging, the wood in particular, so it was about time that we did something about it.

The first thing I want to do is make sure we get a decent awning in Montreal. The old patio was great, but I could only sit outside during sunny weather as it didn’t really have any overhead protection to speak of. With an awning in Montreal, I’ll be able to head outside practically whenever I want and be protected from the elements while I sip a cool beer and read the paper or something.

There are other plans for the house of course. The kitchen is next up as everything in there must be at least a decade old. It’s starting to look a little bit outdated, even to me and I’m something of an old fashioned guy at the best of times.

However, the priority is the patio so we are going to make sure that it gets done as soon as possible. We’ve already had a few companies come out to give us quotes for the building work and I think we’ve picked the one that we are going to go with. Now comes the difficult part of searching for a good company that can provide a decent awning Montreal to really finish the whole thing off.

I think the plan is to check online and see who is in the local area first and foremost. We’ll go from there when we are ready, but I reckon it’s a good idea to get the actual patio fully completed before we decide on what kind of awning we want. Once we know a little bit more ourselves it will be time to head back online and check out all of the awning in Montreal companies that we have shortlisted to see who can offer what we are looking for. With any luck, we’ll be able to find a decent company pretty quickly.