Vacation’s time!

Vacation’s time! - Richard Carpenter

Yay! Finally my vacation days are here! As of next Tuesday, I will be officially in vacation. Given that Monday is a day off, and it’s a long week-end I gained an extra day. Tomorrow morning I have my flight to Europe. I am really excited about this trip. I have been waiting for it for almost half an year. 

Today I prepared my suitcase, put some rainy weather clothes in. I also gathered all my important stuff such as the passport, IDs, wallet, camera, lenses, memory cards, the itinerary and the reservation from the GTA truck rental agency that I had printed at work. I placed everything in one big pile, on the bed, next to the suitcase. I had to organize my backpack as well. I did not wanted to do it early morning. I am a meticulous person. Everything has to go into the right place, I can’t dump everything inside. 

I had rented a car which I will pick up from the airport. My plan is to go all around the country and see as many things that I could. I don’t know when I will return there, so I better take advantage of my two weeks there. I think two weeks is relatively enough time to visit a country, discover its beauties, try the local cuisine and stay in awe to its amazing landscape or sunsets.

I am fascinated about sunsets. Wherever I have travelled, I always take photos of the sunsets. 

I am always impressed by nature’s magical power. Although I have seen thousands of sunsets and captured them on my photos, I still find it mesmerizing. 

There’s something about that short period of time when the sun rays caress for a few more moments the trees and the grass. Did you ever look at an insect, a bee, an ant while the sun has started to set? That glow that surrounds everything makes it magic. There’s something that words can’t describe. The camera’s lenses manages to capture some of it, but not entirely. 

My stepdaughter says that at sunset God sends his love to all of us and that glowing light is actually filled with love. I liked her explanation. I have to admit that it took me by surprise. It was quite an unexpected remark for a three years old, especially that her mom is not a religious person. I wonder where she might have heard about God?