The Wedding Party That Stole The Show

The Wedding Party That Stole The Show - Richard Carpenter

I once attended a wedding party that was to amaze many. It was in the theme of wedding where many guests came out with shoes to match the attire that was worn. From the bride to the bride’s maids, it was the shoes that lit their feet. They were worn to match the gowns that they wore. It was so marvelous to observe the party as procession moved down the aisle ready for the long awaited statement, “I do”. As the party moved on, there were some murmurs from the people who had attended the wedding. It was all about wanting to know who was behind this brilliant setup. Luckily, the guy who had so much success on that day was around and it was his time to shine.

First thing that he had to do was to receive kudos for a job well done. They were pouring from the almost all the folks who had come to witness the wedding. They were so interested to be close to him; some even took pictures. The next thing that followed were handshakes, kisses and hugs mostly from the ladies who were there. Finally there was an interview that was conducted for the guy who produced the masterpiece of the day. He was interviewed by the journalists who were there and it was obvious that this was going to be carried over to the national television station. It was indeed going to be a plus for the guy.

One thing that I noticed was that this guy had really prepared himself for this event. He was ready to advertise from the word go and he did it professionally. I saw him being interviewed by journalists from different stations. After this was done with, I saw him with his business cards, dishing them out. He had carried enough of them to ensure that all those who wanted to get in touch with him got a chance to do so. All the people who came forward to get the business cards managed to get one. As the wedding was proceeding so was the guy taking every advantage to advertise his other business of Sewer line repair Toronto as well. Most of the people who saw what happened said that the wedding was not for the bride and the groom but for the organizer who put up a beautiful show that made heads turn.