Youthful Dreams of a Mother

Youthful Dreams of a Mother - Richard Carpenter

When I came back from the meeting I had with a Security solution firm GTA, I stopped by my parents' house. I was digging around in the closet in my parents' basement looking for my old skates when I came across a pair of old and worn red high heel shoes that probably belonged to my mother. They were still very beautiful, with a ribbon to attach them. I couldn’t picture my mother wearing these red shoes, and even less so since they were high heels. She usually only wears flats because she has very bad ankles and her shoes are always black or brown. I went back upstairs with the shoes in the hands to ask her if they belonged to her. "Of course they are mine, "she exclaimed "they are my lucky tango shoes." Tango shoes, really? I would have never imagined her wearing red heels, but it was even more inconceivable to imagine her dancing the tango. She told me that before meeting my father, in her late teens, between 16 and 20 years, she danced the tango with her cousin François. They even participated in amateur competitions, and had even won three. It was stunning. I thought she was kidding me, then she showed me an old trunk of photos of her and her cousin. She was beautiful, my mom at 20 years of age in her beautiful black and red dress with her red shoes on her feet. She stopped dancing when she met my father; he was a bit jealous of her cousin. Because she was very much in love, she did not insist. She never regretted it, especially since her cousin went bad, she told me. We often tend to forget that our parents were also children and teenagers with dreams and desires.